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Why Social Media need to be integrated in Mobile apps?



mobile apps and social media

Nowadays, Social Media has become another reason to live among present generation.  People may forget to update their status but they regularly login to their favourite social network without fail. And, it’s an obvious that smart phones demand getting increase because it opens the social network box at just one click and this is what people wants.  Today’s generation access their social networks, emails, notes & many more while on the go. Everyday hundreds of apps are coming & people using them in their daily activities. For examples, “Angry Bird” – a famous game app most of the people love to play this game, “Sports Tracker” – an app which trains you to stay fit and measures the distance you ran etc. But here the question comes – Do you use mobile apps effectively?

To optimize the personal presence, Social Media is the path where you can lead & boost your awareness. Integrating social media in mobile apps can help others to know more about you, your brand, wherever you visit and lots more.  A mobile app without integration of social media is like a tree without fruits.

1. Notifications will be send to many people at a time.
2.People can search daily updates though mobile apps instead of opening another browser.
3.we can collect customer feedback on the social media.
4. Online event can be arranged on different social media platforms.
5. advertisement, Teasures etc can be managed.
6. Competition can be arranged to engage the customers

An app can drive your Real Estate business


Mobile app for real estate

Do you really need to be on Mobiles?

Our generation is shifting from desktops/laptops to SmartPhones for accessing web. No doubt in this, more than half of the smartphone users using their smartphones on a regular basis rather than looking in desktop/laptop. Even people find this tedious to surf web, reading ebook, get done their work by an application on computers as they can’t carry everywhere and they can’t be online for a long duration. Mobile is the easiest way to carry everywhere and accessible at any given point of time. In today’s digital world, more than 40k apps are exists and counting of people increasing on a daily basis who access web and uses their mobile apps regularly. Now you must have got the importance of being available on mobiles.

New York Times said – “Mobile is the most effective marketing tool ever!”

Advantage of Real Estate (RE) App:

  • An RE app displays display key business information such as Maps, Location etc.
  • Push notifications like instant notification from buyer/client.
  • Integrate your business with Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn etc.
  • Managing the records of several clients with their provided information.
  • You can upload your property listings.
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Video tours & Photo galleries

Nowadays, mobile app is a key marketing tool for smart business owners. Mobile apps are easy to access and affordable for its development.

The best feature you can enjoy is having your own custom mobile apps according to your given requirements at a low cost.

Mobile apps for Magazine Publishers


Mobile apps for magazines

Your magazines may available be on Internet which is accessible on Laptops or Desktops throughout the world but are you reaching to other side of the world. Yes, I am talking about those people who carry & use their SmartPhones most of the times. If you reach to them then you can increase your revenue more than 50%. According to sources, more than 40,000 apps existing and SmartPhones counting may be cross the counting of 10 billion by the end of 2016.

There are many mobile applications serving in many categories like Education, Entertainment, Sports, Games and Fashion/Glamour etc. Your magazine is lavish & fantabulous but it’s not available on SmartPhones in the form of mobile app then you are missing readers. Having mobile presence by mobile app is as helpful as it can be. Mobile applications help in increasing brand awareness and affinity.

These are best examples of mobile apps which can helps you in increasing the awareness.

  • GateGuru – It’s a mobile app that is centered on location awareness, where airport retailers advertise on it to drive users into stores.
  • Starbucks – It’s a mobile app which allows people to make transactions with the wave of their SmartPhones.

Go ahead, make your mobile presence and reach to large crowd.




Why mobile websites?


Mobillects Facebook and Twitter

You must hear about mobile websites like Nowadays it’s easy for people to access such mobile sites through their smartphones and its use increasing day by day.

What is Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are peculiarly designed to access them from anywhere through smartphones. Traditionally websites can only access on desktops/laptops but accessing it by smartphones may take a long time to load the content of it on smartphones. Smartphones using rate increased then companies realized the importance of mobile websites that is bringing their site on smartphones as earlier, people access their websites via desktops/laptops. There is special structured in designing mobile websites for accessing them via smartphones.

Why Mobile Website?

Mobile Websites

Buying smartphones is usual activity and getting increased day by day. According to Mashable, Number of Smartphones can cross the counting of humans and there could be 10 billion smartphones people having by end of 2016. Having your business presence on Internet as website and on smartphones would makes you customers more happy as they can access your site anywhere on the go.

Src: Stats

Benefits of mobile site

  • 1/3rd population access internet via their smartphones which indicates the popularity of mobile sites.
  •  Gets higher in search engine ranking and gets priority in mobile search.
  • It got easily accessible while on the go, fast in loading & saves time.
  • Reaches to a larger user base.

If you haven’t created your mobile site then what you waiting for? And features are not limited to this much which is mentioned here.  Go ahead and have your smartphone’s presence.

Why health apps to stay fit?



If your smartphone doesn’t keep you healthy & active, it might be in the future. If your smartphone can manage the tracks of your progress then it would makes easier to eat right, sleep well and pushing workout harder.

In daily life, it’s hard to manage your work, family and health. How nice it would be if you can manage your health & fitness via your hand tools. We’re talking about Health & fitness mobile apps which can makes easy to track what you eating, how much weight you have lifted, for how long you have ran and be motivated by it.

Lets have a look in Stats an market of Health & Fitness apps:

More than 40,000 apps of health existing and are expected to grow the market from $718 million in 2011 to $1.3 billion this year 2012.

Source: Research2Guidance Report

Few apps can keep you fit & healthy for long

Immediacy and consistency are keys to reaching fitness goals.

  • RunKeeper: It’s one of the highest-rated mobile app available free for iOS/Android. It uses mobile GPS to track your running & progress statistics, combines with map integration and music management.
  • SportPal: The best we can figure out in this app, is available with a wide reach across platforms like Android,  Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phones, Symbian based phone and in java also.  It measures your distance, speed, calories burned and you can sync your data upto your web-based profile which can be access anywhere, anytime.
  • Lose it! : Name itself explains what type of app it is. Lose it! is streamlined weight loss app  for iphone/android or on the web. Not only it helps you to track but also provides an easy way to track calorie intake from meals.
  • Sleep Bug: Have you slept via music? This app produces ambient scene sounds and music to aid in falling asleep sleeping deeply.

Health and fitness apps not only keeps you healthy but improves your lifestyle, the way you eat, sleep, act and keeps you away from depressions. In present times, it can be a challenge to find time for your health but fortunately your smartphone can help you in case of your health.

Stay healthy and Stay fit.

Is iPhone 5 – a next truly revolution technology?



Apple iPhone 5

Are people still waiting for iPhone 5 or happy with iPhone 4S?

Rumors about Apple iPhone 5 spreading like a fire among gadget lovers. Comparing about iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S would make easy for people who want to make a smart purchasing.

What’s new in iPhone 5 comparing iPhone 4S?

  1. If we are counted in those people list who considers design as a major factor then it would be better for us to wait until Apple iPhone 5 is available in the market because it is expected that Apple iPhone 5 will have slimmer and wider display with 4-inch touch screen. [According to the rumors]
  2. It’s expected that iPhone 5 will have 4G support after the launching new iPad.
  3. NFC [Near Field Communication] Technology – It’s something which we would like to have in the upcoming iPhone 5. People want transactions ways little more easy which NFC Technology can fulfill as it will work kind of credit/debit card. Thanks to Google rolled out new feature Google Wallet because Apple planned to implement NFC Technology in upcoming iPhone 5.
  4.  Apple iPhone 5 could have an 8MP camera, HD Front Facing camera and its design could be thinner. And, behind all these factors which iPhone 5 possibly could have is SONY. Sony

Price tag for iPhone 5:

Many sources predicting and reported different prices for iPhone but Apple has not confirmed anything related to iPhone 5. According to TechRadar, upcoming iPhone 5 will cost around £500 for 16GB or 32 GB model.

Source: iPhone 5 Rumors | TechRadar

Financial Management via Mobile App

Financial systems are crucial to the allocation of resources in a modern economy. They channel household savings to the corporate sector and allocate investment funds among firms. This is a very important aspect of our business and to manage it in a better way through your mobile device itself, the financial application framework is built.

This app is especially designed for helping you in filing your financial statements and building the best financial model to support your business. Its up-to-date information will surely give you an edge over your competitors.

To read further, visit our Mobile Framework document @ Mobile Framework

Real Estate Management System

This framework is a contact and property management app for real estate and property agents. This helps real estate professionals quickly become more productive and effective in managing prospects and customers whether they are a single-agent/broker business or a large


It is a cloud based application where you don’t have to maintain your own IT infrastructure, you just need to install this app on your mobile devices and work on-line over the Internet.

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